Hello Mina-san  Artist Alley and Vendor registration is officially open! Would you like to have a vendor booth at Kitsune Kon?  Or, looking for an artist table at the Kon? We are accepting applicants for our Artist Alley and Vendor Hall for our 2016 convention.  Don’t forget to submit your applications via the links below: […]

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Kitsune Kon All Nighter

 Jul, 06 - 2015   Gaming

Hello Mina-san On Dec 5th-Dec 6th the Kitsune Kon Video Game Staff is running the first annual All Nighter with 24 hours of Video Gaming Goodness. Here’s just a sampling of what you can expect: Classic and Modern Consoles Over 4500 games available to play Free play arcade machines LAN gaming Tournaments with prizes, like […]

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Hello Mina-san   We are happy to announce that stage and screen actress Erin Fitzgerald will be at Kitsune Kon 2016. You may recognize her as Nazz and May Kanker from Ed, Edd n Eddy, and Chie Satonaka from Persona 4: The Animation, Noire from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, the Sorceress from Dragon’s Crown. Feel […]

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2015 Cosplay Contest Video

 May, 07 - 2015   Podcast

Hello Mina-san If you weren’t able to see our Cosplay Contest this year, or want to relive it again, feel free to check out the Cosplay Contest Video on our Youtube Channel.

Kitsune Kon Needs You

 Apr, 07 - 2015   Uncategorized

Hello Mina-san   Part of what helps makes a convention great is the staff.  Regular people like you and me volunteering their time and effort to make Kitsune Kon an awesome experience.  If you would like to help Kitsune Kon out, we’re looking for staffers to start working on making our 2016 Kon a fun […]

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Hello Mina-san   Thank you for making Kitsune Kon 2015 great. For 2016, who would you like to see as a guest at Kitsune Kon next year? We will have a gaming theme next year.  Is there any gaming related guests that you would like us to bring in? Feel free to email your suggestions […]

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